LinuxFest Northwest 2015

Bellingham, WA April 25th & 26th

Open Source web technologies

The Earth is not flat, and other heresies

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Any decent textbook on astrophysics starts with a historical prologue running something like this: "Once upon a time, we believed the earth was flat. We were wrong. Once upon a time, we believed the sun rotated around the earth. We were wrong." It's a shame that computer science textbooks don't start the same way: "Once upon a time, we believed that all computer languages would be statically compiled. We were wrong. Once upon a time, we believed that execution would always be single-threaded, on a single processor, on a single machine.

Building automated testing systems on OSS tools (CANCELED)

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Implementing a comprehensive automated testing system is a daunting task, but can reap huge rewards for any development team.  Commercial solutions are often unweidly, expensive and require significant customization to meet an organizations needs, so my team and I decided to build our own system.

Bringing Linux-based business applications to Office Online with Microsoft Azure

In this presentation we connect an Office 365 tenant to a  Linux-based business application that is presented via Web by using  HTML and JavaScript, showing how any enterprise open source developer can increase the exposure of their applications to Office 365 users via cross-browser support for applications.

OpenStack Deployments at Rackspace

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Ever wondered what it's like to deploy a complicated application to a large environment? From the trenches comes a first hand tour of how Rackspace deploys OpenStack to run its public cloud! Battle scars reviewed, secrets revealed, mistakes totally glossed over (not really).

It'll be fun, informative, and laced with humor. A guaranteed good time!

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Elastic Overkill: Is Cloud Really The Holy Grail?

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IT managers are chomping at the bit at the ease of use found with VMs, as well as the cost savings. They can build a superior architecture with hundreds of VMs, all ready to run any application. The question on their minds now is, should they build a virtual data center that mirrors the physical one they might already have, or migrate straight to the cloud, with all of its elasticity and software-defined features?  

AJAX + SEO is Possible with XSL

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Many believe it's impossible or prohibitively expensive to develop an AJAX web application that also performs well from the perspective of SEO, which often sacrifices search engine crawlability. However, by using XSL (a templating language for XML), the HTTP Accept header, and API-driven development, you can now present an appropriately formatted document regardless of the technology being used to access the site. Additionally, applications developed in this manner perform well across many browsers (even lynx) and with assistive technologies for the disabled.

Beginning Web2py

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Overview and setup of the Web2py web programming framework.  This presentation will cover the following topics:

1- Web2py -- History and motivation (5 minutes)

2- Web2py -- Guiding Principles (5 minutes)

3- Web2py -- Model, view, controller (MVC) framework (10 minutes)

4- Web2py -- Database abstraction layer (DAL) (10 minutes)

5- Web2py -- Simple example (10 minutes)

6- Web2py -- Questions (10 minutes)


Open Build Server - The Package Factory

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The Open Build Server is a cross-distro, multi architecture platform for building packages from source code into native package formats for a wide number of Linux Distributions. From a single source tarball or source repository like git, you can create rpm and deb packages for all major Linux distributions on all supported hardware architectures.


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