LinuxFest Northwest 2015

Bellingham, WA April 25th & 26th

2014 Sessions (with submitted slides)

Session Speaker(s) Experience level
Vi for beginners lopsa

The course covers the history, background and design principles of vi; all the vi movement commands; many text alteration commands; and the vi command language syntax.

Webserver Insecurity CSaunders

Protecting data hosted on a webserver can be a daunting task. Vulnerability assessment can provide vital information on potential security vulnerabilities in a webserver or computer network.

What Does This Program Do? Reproducible Builds, Transparency, and Freedom schoen

We often assume that binaries and source code correspond to one another simply because a web site or developer claims they do. But we most often have no way to check for ourselves, even if we...

Why Bitcoin Wins: Decentralized Technology and the Coming Global Revolution Skye Elijah, NoahJudson

Come learn why bitcoin and its decentralized technology are going to rock the world. Forget what you’ve heard in the news, we’ll tell you why bitcoin’s great, how it works, and where it’s going...

Why security and privacy is important and how Linux can help

For many years Linux has been known for it's superior security. This talk will focus on understanding the importance of security and privacy for the common user.

World Famous Fund Raiser Raffle Bill W

Lots of great prizes donated by LinuxFest Northwest Sponsors and the LinuxFest Northwest crew. All proceeds go to help cover operating costs and keep LinuxFest Northwest free of admission charges...

Xamarin: Bringing Android and iOS development together using Mono and C# DavidSchwegler


You know, for kids! 7 Tips for Improving Tech Education rendsley Before the tech field sees a dramatic increase in diversity, our educational system must be more inclusive. Beginner
Your first year as a linux sysadmin kevinburkeland

You are trying to break into the sexy and glamorous field of linux system administration but you are not sure what skills you...



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