LinuxFest Northwest 2015

Bellingham, WA April 25th & 26th

2014 Sessions (with submitted slides)

Session Speaker(s) Experience level
Problem Solving Like an Expert (for Beginners) bconoboy

Join Red Hat's ARM engineering project manager for insights into common problems faced by open source software users and developers.  Whether you're an experienced developer or a relative newbie,...

Project Caua: Employment for Millions maddog

Project Caua started seven years ago as a way to create millions of new, high-tech jobs inside of Latin America.  Over the years there have been several "false starts", as various road  blocks...

Putting Arduino on a Breadboard lunakoa

Say you wanted to build couple dozen arduinos and don't want to spend $20 to $30 on an Uno, install only what you need, get more connections, get it smaller by going custom DIY arduino on a...

Python for Converts daethnir

Python is a powerful scripting language that can be used for anything between short few-liners, cron jobs, to full web applications. It's not the language of the week, but it's also not the...

Reinventing the Open Source Initiative for the New Century debbryant

Abstract: The Open Source Initiative (OSI) was founded in 1998, seizing a moment in time to move the software freedom values of the open development community and hacker culture to the...

Scribus - An Alternative to Presentations plinnell

Presenting Scribus, a native Linux application which is not only useful for sophisticated print layouts, but is a versatile and powerful presentation creation tool.

Setting up your first NAS with FreeNAS bmilman

This session will teach newcomers to open source operating systems how to set up a Network Attached Storage device for their home or office using the FreeNAS software appliance.

Software Defined Storage with ZFS - Deployment Best Practices Paul Bibaud

My talk covers the features and benefits of the ZFS file system and the best practices associated with deploying a ZFS based storage system using commodity hardware and open source software.  My...

SSH Login Automation, Tunneling, Authprogs, and More daethnir

SSH replaced insecure protocols like telnet and ftp ages ago, but it has far more power than simple remote login capabilities.

Teaching DevOps to University Students edunham

University students rarely get a chance to fully embrace the Devops or FOSS development culture while in school.

Teaching Linux and Linux System Administration as Distance Education Classes dmandel

We are teaching more and more classes as online or distance education classes where the instructor and students communicate via a web site and may never meet in person.

The Earth is not flat, and other heresies allison

Any decent textbook on astrophysics starts with a historical prologue running something like this: "Once upon a time, we believed the earth was flat. We were wrong. Once upon a time, we believed...

Theoretical and applied cryptography: an introduction to the RSA algorithm and openssl jeffsilverman

This discussion has three parts:

1) A brief discussion of the relevant mathematics of positive integers that are used in the RSA algorithm

2) A discussion of the RSA algorithm, which...

There and Back Again: Why Free Software Makes Sense for the 21st Century maddog

This is the fifteenth year of the Northwest Linux Fest, the twentieth year of maddog's involvement with Linux and the 45th year of maddog's involvement with "Open Source".

Time Management for System Admins or People Who are Interrupted a Lot lopsa

Based on the Tom Limoncelli's book, this tutorial will cover techniques for managing your time in an interrupt driven environment. We will cover the key principles of managing your time and Tom's...

Tor Ecosystem: A Developer's Guide to Contributing to the Tor Project atagar

Tour of the projects in the Tor ecosystem and how you, as a developer, can get involved.

Trolls Aren't the Only Threat Under the Bridge eximious

Lots of small and medium free software projects are staffed by volunteers that don't have any money to tempt a patent aggression entity. There's been plenty of talk about patent trolls, but money...

Tuning Postgres Servers lloydalbin

In this presentation we will show you how to aggressively tune your Postgres 9.x servers along with a spreadsheet to help you figure out the best tuning for your server.

UEFI: The Great Satan and you AdamW

Have you heard about this 'UEFI' thing? Wondering what it means, how it affects you, how to deal with it, and how to keep your children and family members safe from its vicious clutches? Come...

Understanding Software Collections jzb

Software Collections are a solution for RPM-based Linux distributions for installing different versions of software, or software not distributed by the upstream vendor.



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