LinuxFest Northwest 2015

Bellingham, WA April 25th & 26th

2014 Sessions (with submitted slides)

Session Speaker(s) Experience level
Linux Sucks vs. Linux Does Not Suck BryanLunduke

A one-hour, no-hold-barred battle.  In the first half I will prove to you, without a doubt, that Linux sucks more than anything has ever sucked before.

Making money developing Open Source montywi

A talk about the different licenses and business models that exists in open source and what license makes sense for what kind of business.

MariaDB 10.0 montywi

MariaDB 10.0 GA

The new features in the new MariaDB 10.0 release that doesn't exist in MySQL 5.5 or 5.6.

MariaDB 10.0 is the most advanced MySQL version when it comes to optimizer...

MariaDB Manager, How To Make HA Deployments Easy gnarvaja

This talk will present the new tools released by the same company responsible for the MariaDB Server. It will go throught the steps to install and use the tool to manage your MySQL, Percona and/or...

Modeling and Monitoring Hundreds of Thousands of Servers OSSAlanR

A dirty little secret in IT is that we don’t always know what our systems are doing or fully monitor them. The Assimilation Project integrates continuous discovery and monitoring, creating a graph...

Modern Logging Analytics using the OSS ELK stack from Elasticsearch stevemayzak

Machine and user generated data is only going to grow.  Get ahead of it now by using a Free and OSS stack from Elasticsearch.

MySQL 5.7 -- Coming soon with changes you need to know morgo

MySQL is the most popular database on the web and MySQL 5.6 is our best release ever.  But version 5.7 is just around the corner and a lot of things are going to change.

MySQL's NoSQL Interface -- best of both worlds on one set of disks morgo

MySQL offers the ability to access InnoDB or NDB storage tables via a key/value pair using the memcached protocol.

Non-Coders Wanted: How to Get and Keep Non-technical Volunteers eximious

Many free software projects sorely need writers for documentation, press releases and blogging or experts on outreach, fundraising and volunteer management or a friendly pack of translators, but...

Open Build Server - The Package Factory plinnell

The Open Build Server is a cross-distro, multi architecture platform for building packages from source code into native package formats for a wide number of Linux Distributions. From a single...

Open Source vs Network Attacks: What's in Your Arsenal? greptile


OpenStack Deployments at Rackspace jkeating

Ever wondered what it's like to deploy a complicated application to a large environment? From the trenches comes a first hand tour of how Rackspace deploys OpenStack to run its public cloud!

oVirt: How to Connect with a Mature Open Source Project bproffitt oVirt is a powerful virtual data center manager with a history that includes closed source .NET-based code and its modern, open Java and Python code base. But this long past means that contributing... Intermediate
PD - Programming for Artists jsandys

PD, Pure Data, is an open source, graphical, data flow, programming language for audio and video production.  Many artist enjoy the graphical programming environment and comprehend it better than...

Postgres Bulk Commands lloydalbin

In is presentation we will explain how to efficiently manipulate data in bulk.

Selectively delete 1000’s of unique rows of data using a single command.

Postgres Partitioning & Creating Hardware Tablespaces for Performance lloydalbin

The overall focus is on how to create efficient systems to access your most frequent information.

Postgres Text Search lloydalbin

This session introduces the audience to high performance string searches using the PostgreSQL text search capabilities. You will see how easy it is to query whole volumes of text in a fraction of...

Postgres: Advanced Functions lloydalbin

The presentation will be on writing advanced functions. I will show some example of how to write functions to do the following using plpgsql:

Postgres: Basic Functions lloydalbin

In the first half of this presentation we talk about some of the function options and how they affect your functions.

In the second half of this presentation learn how to write some basic...

Postgres: Tip and Tricks lloydalbin

In this presentation we will show a variety of common mistakes that programmers make and how they should be written instead to boost the performance of your queries. These were taken from real...



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