LinuxFest Northwest 2015

Bellingham, WA April 25th & 26th

2014 Sessions (with submitted slides)

Session Speaker(s) Experience level
Get to Know the GIMP jreynolds

If you want to edit photos on Linux (or Windows) you have a lot of options, and the best known among them is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. This introduction will cover how to create and...

Git - more fun, more profit! jkeating

Back again, a tour of git, from the first introduction and usage through advanced awesomeness!

Growing Your User Group KaraSowles

User groups are an essential and flourishing part of the tech community, but it's common for them to encounter obstacles to meeting regularly. This talk will be filled with practical...

Hosting Your Own Community LAN Party brandonrc

Ever wanted to host your own public PC LAN Gaming Party, complete with contests and prizes, but don't know where to start? In this talk I will share my experiences hosting mid-size (about 30...

Improv Teambuilding For The Linux Community minter

Every year, companies waste millions of dollars and countless employee hours because of an inability to communicate.

Intro to QML/JS development for Ubuntu Touch Micah

This session will cover the basics of how to get started developing applications for Ubuntu Touch with QML and JavaScript. There will be brief instructions on how to install the needed SDK and...

Intro to Security Onion - Network Security Monitoring made easy! jholbrook

Do you know what's happening on your network? Have you tried to set up a network security monitoring system and ended up crying in the corner of your office? Then Security Onion is for you.

Introducing the Spark Core bear454

Presenting the Spark Core, an open-source, hacker-friendly, Arduinio-like, Internet-connected embedded controller, and some of the fun things you can do (including home automation), and some of...

Introduction to Arch Linux strugee

A short introduction to the Arch Linux distribution, covering the philosophy, the distro tools, and the community.

Introduction to Arduino lunakoa

This presentation through what arduino is, installing the Arduino software on Windows and Linux, loading the equivalent of "Hello World" in the blink sketch, and different shields that go with it...

Introduction to the Advanced Security Features of the Xen Project Hypervisor rcpavlicek

The Xen Project team produces a mature, enterprise-grade virtualization technology featuring many advanced and unique security features.  For this reason, it's the hypervisor of choice for...

IPTables Tipsand Tricks: More Than Just ACCEPT or DROP greptile

IPTables is a firewall, installed by default on most Linux distributions. With IPTables you can set up a host-based firewall to keep ACCEPT what you want and DROP what you don't.

IPv6 -- Addresses in Mirror May Be Closer Than They Appear owendelong

Literally millions of Americans are already using IPv6 today, many without realizing it. IPv6 has been deployed by several major ISPs to much of their network and more is being rolled out every...

Keepassing your credentials synced and under control William

Do you use the same few passwords over and over? Is there a piece of paper with hard-to-remember ones somewhere? How about a file that lives on five different devices and is never up-to-date?...

Keeping Them Interested: Care and Feeding of Open Source Contributors aparker42

Your project starts to get some traction. All sorts of requests start coming from various directions. Some people want to contribute changes, others just want their voice heard. How do you manage...

Kernel CI: Using Linaro's Automated Validation Architecture forcedinductionz

Linaro’s open source automated validation architecture (LAVA) enables developers to test their software on a broad range of hardware platforms.

Large-scale linux systems management with OpenNMS esh

Let's get past the basics of network management and dive into issues you really care about in your environment.  Let's do it with thousands of nodes and hundreds of thousands of interfaces...

Learning to Write Go jhulten

Golang is getting a lot of attention for services and applications that need to support concurrency. As a Software Engineer at Whitepages I get to try new things regularly.

LibreOffice as a Lesson Plan: What FOSS can teach our students qubit

In grade schools and colleges nationwide, classes in "basic computer education" often focus heavily on one particular proprietary office suite.

Lightning Talks shawns

Lightning Talks: Back to back 5 minute presentations on just about anything. What are you working on? What's awesome? What's bothering you? What should we be doing? Why are we in this basket and...


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