LinuxFest Northwest 2015

Bellingham, WA April 25th & 26th

2014 Sessions (with submitted slides)

Session Speaker(s) Experience level
10 things you would love about SUSE if you only knew... BryanLunduke Join SUSE Studio Engineer James Mason and SUSE Marketing Dude Bryan Lunduke on a magical journey through some of the coolest things about SUSE.  Guaranteed to turn anyone into a green... Beginner
3D Animation in Blender ogbog

The 3D animation suite Blender is a poster child for FOSS development done right. In this course you will see a preview of Blender's best work, plus demo files of the 3D pipeline at multiple...

A Complete Computer Science Curriculum Using Free Software. maddog

Proprietary, closed source software teaches students on time, how to use it.

Free and Open Source software allows teachers to teach their students twice or even three times.

ACLU and EFF open Panel discussion/forum Bill W

ACLU-WA and EFF will continue our annual tradition by presenting a joint panel discussion with representatives from both organizations.

Adventures in using Embedded Linux for Automotive Electronics

A senior team of award winning connected vehicle solutions engineers must use Linux for the first time on the most complicated system they have ever built.  What could go wrong?

AJAX + SEO is Possible with XSL nolte

Many believe it's impossible or prohibitively expensive to develop an AJAX web application that also performs well from the perspective of SEO, which often sacrifices search engine crawlability....

Alpha Geek chuckwolber

Come one, come all, and enjoy the (nearly) annual Alpha Geek spectacle. Contestants will be pulled at random from the audience, or you can volunteer if you think you have the right stuff. A little...

An intro to Illustration with Krita ogbog

Krita is an illustration program designed with artists in mind. Learn the basics of Krita's tools, and learn some art theory as we focus on process over hotkeys.

Android: Introduction and status Iain

Continuing my series on Android based mobile/tablet market.

Ansible - superluminal server automation MikeTitus

Manually configuring servers is not a scalable practice. Ansible OSS is a command-line tool that lets you configure new servers and deploy code updates using simple yet powerful playbooks...

Bringing Linux-based business applications to Office Online with Microsoft Azure

In this presentation we connect an Office 365 tenant to a  Linux-based business application that is presented via Web by using  HTML and JavaScript, showing how any enterprise open source...

Building automated testing systems on OSS tools (CANCELED) dmaraglia

Implementing a comprehensive automated testing system is a daunting task, but can reap huge rewards for any development team.

Cross platform apps with MobileChromeApps GabeMa

Ever want to have a single app codebase for ChromeOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android?

Deep dive into Camlistore cliveb What is Camlistore? Camlistore is your personal storage system for life, all content is private by default with ability to share content based on your preferences.    Intermediate
Deep-Packet Inspection in Userspace nominalx

Have you ever wondered how to get data from the kernel (or IPtables) into userspace to be parsed by application?  

Developing for Android's Uniqueness DavidSchwegler


FlameGraph: What you need to know to get started with your new favorite tool shawns

In this talk I will be going over what FlameGraphs are, and how to use them. 

From Creation to Compliance: A Free Software Legal Primer donaldr3 The talk will walk through licensing issues that free software projects face at each phase of their development, and how choices at each step affect later options. License selection is sometimes not... Intermediate
Future of Programming Jamie Douglass, Andronetta Douglass

Language Workbenches are changing the landscape of software development. You no longer need to be squeezed into using a programming language defined by someone else. Now you have the power to...

Geek Empowerment: The Real Heart of Open Source rcpavlicek

Many people today have jobs creating Open Source software. But for too many of these people, FOSS development is just another coding job with just another development methodology.



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